Should You Buy a Truck or an SUV

Should You Buy a Truck or an SUV?

Should You Buy a Truck or an SUV?

Truck or SUV - which one should you buy? For adventurous drivers, this is the age-old question. To help you make the right purchase, let's first take a closer look at what kind of a driver you are and what you want out of a utility vehicle. Then we'll examine the main differences between these two segments. Hopefully, in the end, you'll have a better grasp on which model fits into your life.

Serious Work, Rugged Adventure

These days, you can certainly find world-class luxury features in any truck. Heated front seats and leather upholstery are always available - especially when you buy new and tailor your truck to suit your individual style. However, trucks are primarily purpose-driven. You'll be hard-pressed to find a full-size truck that isn't specially designed to tackle weighty towing and hauling jobs with complete composure. After work, your four-wheel-drive pickup truck can take you into previously unexplored territory. Specialty off-road trucks are especially adept at boulder-hopping and sand-scraping maneuvers.

Pure Luxury, with a Splash of Off-Road Capability

The modern SUV puts a premium on ride comfort and family-friendly luxury. Whereas a truck with an empty bed can feel skittish on the road, an SUV quells bumps in the road to deliver a smooth, refined performance. If you plan to use your vehicle to commute to work or keep track of family members and their various social activities, an SUV is an excellent choice. And, when the workday is over, your all-wheel-drive SUV supplies the traction you need to make your way through light trails at camping sites and parks. Many SUVs even offer impressive towing utility - though usually not as much as a full-size truck - making them a great pick for frequent boating outings.

The Cargo Bed

The pickup truck's distinctive feature is its cargo bed, which supplies the space you need to haul heavy construction supplies or even just to transport a few extra friends to the party down the road. If a cargo bed is something you can't live without, there's no better option than a truck. In an SUV, you can fold the seats down or into the floor to create extra cargo space, but it just isn't the same as having a durable cargo bed at your disposal for easy loading and unloading. If you're planning on hauling heavy loads, the truck is the best option to minimize the risk to interior windows and upholstery.

The Roomy Cabin

SUVs are designed with big families and gangs of besties in mind. If you need space to transport people in comfort, an SUV is the right choice. After all, on the highway, a truck bed isn't a safe place to transport extra passengers. Many SUVs offer adult-friendly passenger space in all three rows, with no knee or elbow overlap. Your SUV will also provide a quiet ride, because modern cabins are designed to suppress wind and road noise. Passengers can kick back and spend hours on the road reading or chatting, without being overwhelmed by unwelcome racket.