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Want a lifted truck that allows you to choose your own adventure? We've got them at the Swope Family of Dealerships.

At Swope, we believe that a truck should give you everything you want, need, or wish for--in one top-of-the-line package that matches your budget and your ambitions. That's why we are proud to partner with Rocky Ridge Trucks at Swope Nissan, Swope Toyota, Swope CDJR, and Bob Swope Ford. Whether you love the look of a Titan or the biggest F-150 fan this side of the Mississippi, we've got the Rocky Ridge upfitting options that can turn your truck into a lifestyle. Take a look at what we offer and come visit us at your favorite Swope dealership today!

A Titan is Not Truly a Titan Without Some Rocky Ridge Attitude.

Whether you're looking to take your Nissan truck to the next level or to give your Nissan Armada some serious road armor, the Rocky Ridge packages for these select vehicles give you an impressive array of options so you can choose the look and style that best fits your life. The K2 gives you the strength to conquer a mountain--metaphorical or literal--while the Z3 offers a subtle sophistication that gives you the edge wherever you go. 

Rocky Ridge Nissan

Add Rugged Refinement to Your Reliable Ram.

The Ram is made for tough stuff, and it's perfect for the tough people who don't shy away from hard work. Why not make them even better? Rocky Ridge Trucks does just that, by offering you four possible packages to upfit, outfit, and add even more rugged durability to a workhorse that won't stop--no matter what. Giving your Ram 1500 or Ram 2500 a leg up--with 37-inch tires, perhaps--only gets you more of what you need from this performance-driven beast. 

  • 1500
    • Stealth
    • K2
    • Alpine
    • Altitude
  • 2500
    • Stealth
    • K2
    • Altitude
Rocky Ridge Ram

Your Toyota Truck Deserves Tricked Out Style. 

If you drive a Toyota, you know that you've got something special--but you deserve more than off-the-factory-line style. With Rocky Ridge Trucks, you can have whatever you want--an elevated more luxurious style or an aggressive, military look that means business. We're in the business of helping you find the right look for the right vehicle--and the Rocky Ridge packages give you everything from custom paint to suspension lift kits to custom interior features that will give you a step up on just about anyone else on the road. You know quality, so make sure your Toyota lifted truck shows that you know rugged style as well. 

Rocky Ridge Toyota

Tackle the Toughest Trails with America's Bestselling Trucks.

"Built Ford Tough" is no joke, and as a Ford truck fan, you know how true that statement is. But that doesn't mean you can't do more to give your F-150 or F-250 a competitive advantage against whatever rugged trail you are poised to tackle. Rocky Ridge Trucks offers SEVEN packages for America's most popular truck, the class-leading Ford F-150. These lifted Ford truck packages can offer you not only the aggressively adventurous Mad Rock, with its red-accented front grumper, steel fender flares, 10K lb rope winch, and "painted vengeance" rear bumper, but also the more subtle Black Label, which offers leather seats, ceramic exhaust tips, Rocky Ridge badging, and custom paint. You can find exactly the right match for your personality in the Rocky Ridge Ford collection.

  • F-150
    • Stealth
    • Stealth 2.0
    • K2
    • Altitude
    • Black Label
    • Mad Rock
    • Alpine
  • F-250 Super Duty
    • K2
    • Altitude
    • Stealth
    • Mad Rock F-250
  • Raptor
    • Raptor Stealth
    • Raptor Alpine
Rocky Ridge Ford

Leave the Roads Behind with Your Lifted Jeep. 

If you've chosen a Jeep, you take seriously the idea that a vehicle should be prepared--really prepared--to take on the off-road as easily as it takes on your daily commute. The Jeep Wrangler, named MotorTrend's 2019 SUV of the Year, is built to make this possible. Rocky Ridge takes your adventurous ambitions over the top, with six available packages for your We take seriously the notion that a truck should give you everything you need--performance, capability, versatility, reliability, and a sweet spot of style in the midst of all of that practicality. Rocky Ridge upfit packages give you the opportunity to truly customize your Ram 1500 and add a little swagger while you're at it.

Rocky Ridge Jeep