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New Ford Transit Connect Van

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Spring Car Maintenance Tips

The snow is melting. The days are getting longer. The April rain has washed away the salt and dirt from the roads. How does your car look? Chances are, unless it never snows where you live, it's not looking so good. Salt encrusted in the wheel wells. Wiper blades fought and lost their battle with snow and ice.

Save Money and Time with the Swope Service Department

Opting for the best and most qualified service department at Swope means that you can be sure that your car will get the service it needs from experts in the field, giving you peace of mind and saving you from costly mistakes.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hit the Dealership

You're ready for a new car-but have you done your homework? You need to ask yourself some key questions before you hit the showroom floor. Knowing your budget, your long-term needs, and your preferences will help you create a good relationship with your salesperson and get the deal that will keep you happy for years to come.

Buy Here Pay Here

When you're shopping for a used vehicle, things might seem complicated - but we're here to help. A lot of buyers have questions about financing. At Swope, we offer a convenient Buy Here, Pay Here plan. This is especially good news if you're worried about your credit score. Check out our guide to Buy Here, Pay Here loans to learn more about how easy it is to leave our lot with the vehicle of your choice.

Truck or Commercial Van for Business

As you shop for your next company vehicle, you may find yourself wondering whether it's better to get a truck or a commercial van. Both models have things in common - namely, impressive towing and hauling capabilities. But there are also substantial differences.

Truck or Minivan for a Family

Minivans are incredibly practical and flexible family vehicles, but why not consider the option of a pickup truck instead?

SUV or Minivan

Your family is growing. You might have kids on the way. Is it time to settle down and get a minivan? Maybe not. Don’t get us wrong, minivans are great. They can seat a lot of people and offer plenty of headroom. But the look isn’t for everyone. So what if we told you that you can find an SUV that seats everyone you need to and offers better acceleration, superior fuel economy, and more over a minivan? Do we have your attention? Let’s dive into the details in this comparison guide between SUVs and minivans.

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