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Used Ford Transit Connect Van

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Used Minivans Under 15000

If you're shopping for used minivans under $15,000, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Being on a budget shouldn't mean that you get anything less than what you need in a used minivan. We think you'll find that there are quite a few models that meet your guidelines for a safe, comfortable, high-tech minivan without straying from your budget.

Spring Car Maintenance Tips

The snow is melting. The days are getting longer. The April rain has washed away the salt and dirt from the roads. How does your car look? Chances are, unless it never snows where you live, it's not looking so good. Salt encrusted in the wheel wells. Wiper blades fought and lost their battle with snow and ice.

Save Money and Time with the Swope Service Department

Opting for the best and most qualified service department at Swope means that you can be sure that your car will get the service it needs from experts in the field, giving you peace of mind and saving you from costly mistakes.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hit the Dealership

You're ready for a new car-but have you done your homework? You need to ask yourself some key questions before you hit the showroom floor. Knowing your budget, your long-term needs, and your preferences will help you create a good relationship with your salesperson and get the deal that will keep you happy for years to come.

Buy Here Pay Here

When you're shopping for a used vehicle, things might seem complicated - but we're here to help. A lot of buyers have questions about financing. At Swope, we offer a convenient Buy Here, Pay Here plan. This is especially good news if you're worried about your credit score. Check out our guide to Buy Here, Pay Here loans to learn more about how easy it is to leave our lot with the vehicle of your choice.

Used Minivan Buying Guide

Minivans are the epitome of family and passenger hauling, and used minivans offer you a smart way to get more space for less money.

Used Toyota Sienna Buying Guide

The only minivan with all-weather traction, the used Toyota Sienna makes a great pick for families on the run. And, with its attractive price tag, it also makes a great pick for families on a budget. Check out our used buying guide to learn more about the Sienna's roomy cabin and kid-friendly tech features.

Used Chrysler Town and Country

With a luxurious version of the family-friendly cabin and more cargo space than a crossover, the used Chrysler Town and Country is nicely suited to modern families. Before you start shopping for yours, read our used buying guide. We'll help you figure out what to expect on the used lot.

Used Minivans

If you have a growing family or a Girl Scout troop, you need the versatility of a minivan. But minivans don’t always come cheap! In fact, the most expensive can easily approach $50,000. But don’t worry. Buying a used minivan that’s only a few years old can easily take a third or more off the sticker price. The main thing to watch out for in minivans is interior wear and tear. Remember, this is a family vehicle we’re talking about. Check for stains, rips, and funky smells working front to back. For more tips and advice when buying a used minivan, read on.

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