Swope Family of Dealerships Sponsors Regional Concert Series at The AMP at Log Still in New Haven, Kentucky

The Swope Family of Dealerships, a well-known and respected automotive dealership group in the region, has announced their sponsorship of a regional concert series at The AMP at Log Still in New Haven, Kentucky. This partnership highlights the dealership’s commitment to supporting local communities and cultural events.

The AMP at Log Still is a popular outdoor venue known for hosting a variety of musical performances and community events. With the backing of the Swope Family of Dealerships, the concert series is expected to feature an exciting lineup of artists, enhancing the cultural landscape of the area and providing entertainment for residents and visitors alike.

Sponsorships like this are instrumental in bringing high-quality entertainment to smaller communities, fostering a vibrant local culture, and promoting regional tourism. The Swope Family of Dealerships’ involvement underscores their dedication to giving back to the community and supporting local arts and entertainment initiatives.

Below is the schedule for the exciting concert series. You can purchase tickets for the shows from TicketMaster by following the link provided HERE.